The captured and abandoned equipment from the Kampfgruppe was assembled at a field north of the crossroads.

Now it is an empty and peacefull field.

A story on one of the boards to end this project:

The English of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment had established themselves in the Chateau of Sorinnes. The owner was the Baron Jaques de Villenfagne, an old Chasseur Ardennais from the Belgian Army and also a good hunter, he offered to go on a night reconnaissance for the English.
His cousin, Phillipe le Hardy de Beaulieu also went. They left in the night of 23/24 december all dressed in white to go unseen as there was deep white frost in the region. A few kilometers and a few hours later they returned. By cross refering angles and using the sounds made by the german vehicles and troops, they were able to make up a map of the presumed German positions.
These maps enabled the Allies to concentrate their artillery fire on the positions given by the two Belgians.

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